New Horizons

Frank Paco

World - Jazz with African Funk rhythms from East, West and Southern Africa

Frank Paco Art Ensemble is a musical collaboration that best depicts our continent's rich cultural diversity.

The band members were selected based on their wealth of skills on their particular instruments and as educators, from which they communicate their thoughts and feelings, with strong influences derived from their roots, sharing these in the musical language with fellow musicians and the audiences at large.

The aim of this project is to instil a sense of pride in our ancestral heritage, promoting unity in our diverse cultural societies and to bring about awareness of the fact that there is a common thread that links us all, even though we speak different languages, have different cultural practices, but through music we are one.

The musical concept is an amalgamation of Western, Eastern and Southern African pulsating rhythms, spiced with harmonic, melodic Jazz nuances.

There could never have been a precise way to display this ideal, but to have hand picked musicians form regions such as Congo, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar to better express their true cultural identity.

This is World - Jazz at it's best

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Frank Paco Art Ensemble

World - Jazz at it's best, a melting pot of melodies and rhythms from West - Central - East and Southern Africa with electrifying Jazz elements that sets an upbeat mood for any listener.

After years of touring and recording with well established Local and International artist from different walks of life, cultural backgrounds and genres, I finally found my voice in writing, this inspirational experience and lessons learned from African and International Artists has provided me with a platform to explore and draw all these resources for a self realization. In this debut album I've invited some of the best and versatile musicians that Southern Africa has to offer, including the International Steel Pan Maestro Andy Narell to best translate my musical ideas bringing them into reality.

The result is an amalgamation of Sub-Saharan Rhythms and Melodies that compliment the Western Jazz Tones.

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Frank Paco Art Ensemble

An eclectic amalgamation of high energy African rhythms from the West, East and South of Africa, infused with Sultry Jazz tones best describes this debut offering.

Buyanini which simply means "You are Welcome", is an invitation to celebrate life in song and dance. It features renown Local and International Musicians, such as Andy Narell, Stewart Sukuma, Jimmy Dludlu, Allou April, Buddy Wells, Jaco Maria, Zoe Modiga, Heinrich Frans to name but a few.

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